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Pippa - Joy

Pippa-Joy has been involved in the tapistri family since the very beginning, combining her heart for worship and the prophetic in her creative expressions. She carries a passion to see God's Kingdom released in every sphere and into every person's life, whether that be in a time of gathered worship, or as she wanders the streets. She uniquely ushers in a release of Kingdom culture and expectation as she leads others before the Lord, ushering His Presence in and creating space for the atmosphere to shift. Her songs and lyrical expressions specifically push into healing and wholeness. We love the way she beautifully leads us into further depths of these areas through her prophetic lyrics coupled with the way she challenges us to pursue the freedom God has for each of us.


Not only does Pippa-Joy push us to explore the prophetic and explore what Father is doing in a particular moment, she also challenges us creatively; to explore different styles of music (some of which you'll hear in different projects) and to delve into different forms of the creative arts.


As well as her lyrical and musical creativity, Pippa-Joy also has a passion for fashion and interior design, and she aspires to illustrate children's books one day. She also spends a lot of her time engaged in the wider community, working in a local ice cream parlour and coffee shop.

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