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Story Behind EP

My Father's House

This project began very organically and without an end goal in mind. Early on during the UK lockdown in early 2020, the tapistri family had a few zoom family hangouts, and, as part of these, we also happened to share a few songs. Some were new, some had been written some years back, but what we very quickly discovered is that they each uniquely carried something that spoke directly and deeply into all of us. Without any orchestration on our part, we also discovered the ebb and flow from each track into another, fitting together so well, forming a tapestry upon which to gaze! These tracks could tell a story individually BUT also together.


As everything physically changed for us due to lockdown, home was the place we were all at, all the time! It was the place we worked from, relaxed in, played in, prayed in, encountered Jesus in etc. It was the place that this project was born and developed. Recordings took place at home. Zoom and video messaging became the new way of communicating for us and for developing ideas and working on each track.

When it came time to begin thinking about a name, the core team working on this project went away and prayed and listened to these tracks and allowed Jesus to speak through them and give them a voice. There was a clear sense of home being a resounding theme to these songs. We began playing around with the word home, synonyms and all the likes of that, but we kept coming back to the name of the final track on this EP, 'My Father's House'. It said it all. It summed up what these songs spoke of. It portrayed the overarching pilgrimage that this little tapestry wove. We were to come back to that place of home, that space of intimacy with Papa, our Father's house. It was a longing to find Him, and to find ourselves at rest and at peace; home.

We are so thankful for getting to do this journey as a family, and for the privilege we get each time we get to craft a new project together. Whether it is in the song writing, creative musical input, visual artistry, videography, and everything else that goes with a project, we love and cherish every moment together, as family. It's not always easy, but it's worth it. Family is worth fighting for. We are so thankful to this entire family for what they all helped steward in creating 'My Father's House'. We are thankful, first and foremost, for who they and for who they bring to this family, themselves. And we are deeply, deeply grateful for our Papa, the One who Shepherds every moment, the One for whom this is all about. Jesus we love You and this is all about You. Thank You for showing us Your heart and who You are. Thank You for revealing Papa to us, and for drawing us into His house. Holy Spirit, thank You for evoking language in us to express our thanks and praise, and thank You for making known to us the reality of home.

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