Meet the Family

tapistri are a group of worshippers passionately seeking to draw close to God. We bring our own unique stories together to create a variety of art that expresses who God is and explores who we are in Him. At our core is a desire to pursue God, to go deeper and further with Him and to simply enjoy spending time with Him. It's in this place, resting in His presence, that we get to find our identity and explore the depths of what He has for each us. We each carry our own journey with God, our thread, and weave them together to create a tapestry of worship between our hearts and His.

This was the birthing place for the tapistri family, organically growing out of each person's desire to worship God. What each member encountered as they pursued Father, and then invested in within their own personal times of worship, began to overflow into our times gathered together, praising and seeking after Him. From this place flowed music, art, imagery and poetry, capturing some of the raw expressions of worship within these different creative forms.

The heart of tapistri is that everyone will have the opportunity to connect with God through our worship expressions. We desire to see every person, every tribe and every tongue released into their full potential in God, where they can encounter His radical, life transforming love and be empowered to minister in His presence.

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