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Grace brings a deep essence of family wherever she goes. It's a core value of who she is and of her relationship with God. The way she comes to Father uniquely demonstrates this and we are blessed to have her as an integral member of the tapistri family.


Grace lives her life in intercession for those around her, constantly pouring out her heart in love for them. She pursues Father passionately, inviting everyone to come and run into His arms with her and celebrate as family in God's banquet. This is all evident in the way she leads others in worship.


Her passion for unity, loving those considered unloveable and welcoming in the outcasts, flows through her leadership and life. As she carries this in her worship, it changes the atmospheres we are in, ushering in His Kingdom, and drawing His Church together in love.


She is currently studying at university, following her passion for educating and inspiring the next generation. Grace also has a remarkable knack for drawing people together through food, particularly her fresh baking!

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