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Andy has been a part of the tapistri family from the start. He champions and encourages each of us and pursues the very essence of what it means to be family together, modelling a brotherly relationship to us all as he walks each step with us. We are truly grateful and humbled by his love.

Andy carries a heart of grace in all he does, and that is made beautifully apparent in his leading. We treasure the moments where he leads us before the throne of God, into Father’s presence, simply to sit and be. His musical and lyrical creations call us into this place, with melodies and words that echo the wonder of who He is, the magnitude of His great love and grace, and the sacrifice by which we’ve been bought. Andy conveys themes of God’s sovereignty, Father’s love, Jesus’ beauty and Holy Spirit’s presence through his anthemic songs.

Andy currently lives in South-West England, where he’s studying for a Masters in Engineering. In his spare time he’s heavily involved in his university’s Christian University as well as his local church. His zeal for music has him introducing us all, to some sweet chord structures, definitely seeking to expand our music repertoire. And if you can’t find him behind a guitar or fervently studying you’ll probably spot him somewhere out in nature. He loves to head out into the countryside and discover new walks and hidden natural treasures, and in addition to being on dry land, he’ll spend a lot of time in the sea, on a surf board or just for a swim!

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