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Alasdair has been with the tapistri family since the very beginning. He has carried his passion and desire to see each and every person connect with God into the very heart of this family, where he has brought this challenge home to us, modelling it himself as well as championing each of us to seek after the Face of God. He loves to see creativity, particularly music, providing an opportunity for real and authentic encounters with Jesus, where people enter into the throne room of God through worship.

In tune with that, Ali desires that our own creative worship acts as an access point for people to grow in their relationship with God, where they can find their own story and walk with Jesus within the music and art that we are writing, creating and producing. He longs that the worship tapistri brings God captures our journeys within the songs we are writing, reflecting our heart and capturing the very essence of the season we are in, yet prophesying God's goodness into the situations we find ourselves. Alasdair models this to the family with great integrity and honesty, and as part of this, he releases a vulnerability into the room whenever we socialise or worship together. He has an incredible creative heart and through this weaves a cohesiveness within the songs that the family are writing.


Ali currently lives in the UK with his wife, having moved back from South Africa to focus on his music. As part of this he has set up his own music studio and works as a producer and sound engineer through this venture. Some of his other interests include the outdoors, good coffee, plenty of hilarious banter, Jesus and hype!

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